Early 2012 Naray & Co. owner, Torbyn Nare founded "Naray Music". Providing professional top of line DJ, audio, and lighting services for New Mexico and surrounding areas, Naray Music grew exponentially. Seeing Naray Music's success Torbyn imagined a production company that implemented media as well. Knowing he couldn't do it alone, he got together a team of professional colleagues and with that, in early summer 2015, "Naray & Co." was founded.

Naray & Co. has 2 main branches, each of which is home to a multitude of services beneath them. The 1st of which is "Music", (an expansion of Naray Music) that provides professional DJ services as well as audio production. The 2nd and final branch is "Media", focusing on photography and videography for ground and aerial environments.


Our staff is a passionate team of focused and professional individuals that strive to ensure quality services are provided to each and every one of our clients. We at Naray & Co. all continually push the boundaries when it comes to providing excellent services at affordable prices. We hope you see that we are experienced, reliable, and very capable of providing you with the best possible services.